Who Are You

“Busy Executive”

You’re a busy manager with too much on your plate:

1. Janitorial services for your building is just one of the myriad of things you’re responsible for

2. You need to get it done quickly and correctly

3. You’ve been asked to “get at least 3 bids” and you’re not exactly sure how to evaluate them

What your issues tend to be:

✓ People in your company are always adding more to your plate and you sometimes wonder where all of your time goes.

✓ Sometimes you get the responsibility without the necessary authority. Or, you’re sometimes given directives without clear goals so you feel as though you are shooting in the dark.

✓ There never seems to be enough time to “get it all done”.

✓ Maybe you have a “purchasing” title or perhaps you’ve just been in charge of researching options.

✓ Budgetary pressures require you to do more with less but you still need a high quality cleaning service.

What you need right now

A. You’d rather not get stuck with taking the lowest bidder because your organization demands high quality.

B. So, you’re looking for a company that can justify value for the price by saving you time and trouble.

C. You don’t want to be responsible for handling complaints and problems related to the cleaning service.

D. You’d much rather look like a hero to your colleagues and management by getting great service at a reasonable price.

E. You need a solution oriented company that that takes initiative and produces results immediately.