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Slippery When Wet – Avoid the Hazards of Wet Floors

Accidents or injuries in the workplace are a facility manager or employer’s worst nightmare. Not only do they mean a temporary loss in your workforce, but they may also mean workers compensation claims, or lawsuits from customers; neither one is good for your budget. Ask your Las Vegas janitorial service provider to work with you to avoid the dangers these represent to your facility’s employees and guests.

While it is the number two leading cause of personal injuries (second only to motor vehicle accidents) this crucial area is often overlooked, or brought up as an afterthought during safety training and planning. Slip and fall injuries are among the top five causes of workers compensation cases in the United States, so we’ll discuss common areas of wet floors, and ways to reduce the danger of accidents and injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall accidents can be experienced by guests or visitors to your facility as well as employees. Slip-falls are a major problem in the workplace and come with an increasing large price-tag. Did you know:

  • The average cost from a slip and fall injury is more than $20,000 per accident.
  • The yearly direct cost of disabling injuries due to “on the job” slip-and-fall accidents is over $10 billion.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents kill more employees each year than all other workplace accidents combined.

Where You’re Most Likely To Encounter Wet Floors

In addition to the wet floors more common during the winter months, there are some common areas in many facilities that are more susceptible to wet floors and the dangers they present. There are specific flooring types which will be more slippery, such as tile, marble, or terrazzo, though all hard flooring should be checked periodically. Marble and tile flooring are popular in high end restroom areas due to their ease of cleaning and great look. However, they present a greater hazard when they become wet so be sure your Vegas janitorial service provider is on top of this safety concern.

The following rooms and spaces are considered the most likely to encounter wet floors:

  • Entryways and exits from the outside (particularly during rainy/snowy seasons)
  • Showers and restroom areas (dorms, workplace, schools)
  • Medical areas with sterile surfaces
  • Food preparation areas (dining and break rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, etc.)
  • Fitness centers, gyms or locker rooms 
  • Janitorial closets

And, while these are the most common areas for wet floors and slip and fall accidents, other areas should also be regularly inspected. Any spills or wet floors should be mopped up or dried ASAP by your janitorial service provider to reduce the risk of injuries to passersby.

Avoiding Wet Floors and Slips and Fall Accidents

While all spills and wet flooring cannot be avoided, there are ways of warning your employees and visitors of the potential danger. Whether a spill has just been cleaned up, your janitorial service staff have just finished mopping the floor, or a leak is currently being attended to, having signs on site “Caution: Wet Floor” will be of great benefit to passersby. These signs can be placed whenever an area of the floor is wet and potentially slippery to alert walkers to be more cautious as they pass. Once the danger has been removed and the floor has dried, simply remove these signs and store for future use.

Here are some suggestions for more permanent solutions:

  1. In high-traffic areas, think about installing anti-skid adhesive tape along the center of the walkway. 
  2. Absorbent mats at entrances and exits will provide a place to dry off shoes and prevent wet flooring elsewhere, but it should be noted that un-anchored mats may be hazards in and of themselves. If a mat is easily moved or easily folds up, tripping becomes a possibility. Ensure that your mats lie flat and have a no-slide backing to keep it in place on the floor. 
  3. Placing no-skid mats designed for kitchen, food preparation and restrooms will also reduce the risk of slipping whether it be water, food or other liquids on the floor. It’s also a good idea to ensure that drainage is installed correctly in restrooms, bathing facilities, etc. to prevent the formation of puddles.
  4. In restrooms, fixtures, urinals, toilets and sinks sometimes produce condensation which can drip onto the floors. Also fluids, backsplash, and spills may accidentally drip onto the floor. Provide protection for restroom users and your floors by installing absorbent toilet or urinal mats around the base or below such fixtures.

Stains from urine or toilet leaks are unsightly and can be the source of unpleasant odors and reduce indoor air quality in your facility  Having mats in place to collect fluids, treat and protect your floor surfaces from stains is the ultimate solution to cover your bases. We recommend and use toilet and urinal textile mats (available from your Las Vegas janitorial service provider). They’re designed with an absorbent microfiber containing a powerful neutralizing agent that controls odors 24/7.

These mats eliminate the time spent checking for spills, leaks, accidents and mopping since any liquids will be absorbed in the mat. Any residue is immediately treated on contact, providing easier restroom maintenance. Have your janitorial service provider arrange staffing to ensure all mats are replaced and disposed of properly when necessary.

Don’t waste time and money on potential accidents from people slipping on wet floors. Take the proper precautions to protect yourself, your visitors and employees from the dangers of slipping and falling. Your facility deserves to look its best and be as safe as possible, and your Las Vegas janitorial service provider can help!

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