Prospective employees must be able to meet the Department of Justice 1-9 requirements. This means they are legally authorized to work in this country, and can provide proof of their identity. However, with the increasing problems posed by forged documents and identity theft, we take the additional step of verifying the accuracy of the information with the Federal Government (we use E-Verify). Management level  review of the following verifications is required before new employees can begin work:

  1. Previous employment verification
  2. Educational history verification
  3. Reference checks
  4. Identity verification
  5. Driver’s license verification and record check
  6. Criminal background check
  7. Worker’s Compensation claims history


We conduct pre-hire background investigations on all applicants and also perform 5 panel drug screening.

It is the policy of A-1 Janitorial Services to hire people who can communicate in English. Because clear, consistent communication is key to our effectiveness, this means not just people who can speak or understand, but also can read and write in English. We are a certified green business by the Institute for Green Business Certification and increasingly rely on electronic communications (smart phones, emails,  and text messages) to reduce our use of paper and ink.

A-1 Janitorial Services only hires employees with prior (professional) janitorial experience. This experience is supplemented with our own (20 point) in-house training program covering topics such as OSHA, MSDS/Safety and bio hazards, confidentiality policies, the latest in green cleaning technologies, and equipment as well as our internal systems/processes that ensure contract deliverables are measured and met or exceeded at all levels. Our pre-assignment education also includes industry specific training and procedures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Homeland Security Department.

We promote our best existing employees into our new accounts, and transition new-hires into stable existing accounts. This allows us to promote from within our organization, provide proven performers for our new clients, and provide upward mobility at all levels of staffing. A-1 Janitorial Services also provides (company funded) SEP retirement account contributions and/or a Master Simple IRA plan each year.