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Smart City

“The needs of our company have grown and A1 Janitorial has been flexible and consistent with staffing and services that have been provided during our growth.  Our company made a huge effort to move towards a “Greener” planet and could not have moved to better and greener products without the assistance of A1 Janitorial.”

The Silverton Casino

“I have known Pam for almost ten years and used the services of her company during those years. I wou1d not hesitate to recommend her to any of my peers in the hotel industry.”

MGM Mirage

“Pam’s company has been a valued vendor to MGM MIRAGE for several years. A-1 Janitorial Services provides top quality contract cleaning services to several of our resort properties and office buildings. Pam is an energetic and personable individual who always approaches work with a”can do” attitude. Pam and her staff are professional, caring, and hard working people who always seem to rise to the occasion and meet the sometimes demanding needs of MGM MIRAGE.”


“When A-1 first presented their proposal to us, I thought it was the most well thought out, comprehensive and professional looking janitorial proposal I had ever received. Since we hired them, their service has continued to live up to the high expectations created by that proposal.”

Lion Habitat

“Based upon the success Pam had in the Lion Habitat, we have looked for additional outsourcing opportunities for her company and in each instance she has performed above our expectations.  She has been a pleasure to negotiate with, and always not only lived up to the letter of each agreement, but has often gone beyond the terms of the agreement to ensure that the job is done on time and efficiently. Pam takes great pride in her company and I am certain that over time, her successes will continue.”


“This company almost got away from us as during the bidding time their quote was higher than 3 other company’s and we did not select their services.  However, six months later the company that was selected did not perform to our specifications.  A. -1 Janitorial Services was immediately called and we accepted their proposal.  A -1 Janitorial has exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with their services.”

Mirage Resort

“In todays market, we at the Mirage have certain standards that we require of all our service oriented vendors, to compete for the tourist trade.  A-1 has met all requirements and their work has been exceptional. We here at the Mirage look forward to doing business with A-1 Janitorial for years to come.”

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