Let Your Las Vegas Janitorial Services Provider Show You Ways to Save Water, Time and Money – Soap Choices

cleanhands_a1janitorialIs your Las Vegas janitorial service provider partnering with you to help your company reduce its costs and environmental impact? If not, here’s a solution that can save you water, time and money.

Did you know that rest rooms account for about 65% of the water usage in the average office? Examining ways to reduce water there can have a big impact on your overall use of water and provide big savings!

Any exploration of ways to save water should include soap options. Recent research studies have shown that when using foam soap, people use 16% less water than when using liquid soap. Because chemicals are not needed to thicken the soap (the lather is created by adding air), foam soaps biodegrade more easily, making them more environmentally friendly.

And, because less water is required for rinsing, there are also savings to be realized in energy use and CO2 emissions. Additionally, foam soap is easier to spread than the lotion soap, so switching to a foam soap can save you money on product usage as well.

Using less water can provide cost saving in terms of quicker bathroom visits and ordering your janitorial service supplies less often saves time in your purchasing department. You might also want to consider a dilution control system for dispensing the cleaning solvents used in your facility. It’s another great way to use less product, time and money while assuring the mix of the products used have correct concentrations.

So, whether you hire an external Las Vegas janitorial service provider or have your own in-house office cleaning staff, a fresh look at your rest room soap choices can help you save water, time and money.

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