Las Vegas Facility Managers – Getting the Most for Your Consumable Spend

Bathroom SinksIf you’re responsible for a Las Vegas commercial facility, it’s likely that you handle not only the office cleaning, but the supplies as well. And, whether you hire an outside janitorial service provider or supervise an in-house staff, your building occupants will need things like toilet paper, seat covers, hand soap, etc.

If you hire a Las Vegas janitorial service, you may wonder if it’s best to have them include the cost of supplies in their janitorial contract or to have that as a separate line item on your budget. While it’s tempting to ask them to provide you with an “all inclusive” price, I believe that’s a bad idea and I’ll share with you the reasons why I don’t recommend that course of action:

1. Without a historical record of your building’s quantity requirements, the proposer will need to guess as to what that number will be. When faced with the option of guessing too low and losing money or guessing too high by building in a protective cushion, most janitorial service providers will build in a cushion for themselves, which means you wind up over-paying vs. paying for exactly what you use.

2. Unless you provide some quality benchmarks, you’ll likely be supplied with the absolutely cheapest and perhaps poorest quality in the areas where it’s possible to cut costs.

3. If the reason you wanted all inclusive was to save on money, you may have accomplished that. But if your goal was to save time, you won’t have saved much because you’ll need to do some research to come up with quantity and quality requirements. And when you start getting complaints from the office staff about the roughness of the toilet paper and paper towels, even the cost savings will go out the window as you’ll have to increase quality to at least the next best level.

A better way to go would be to have your Las Vegas janitorial service provider let you know when you are running low and you can order (and pay) on your own account- set up with a local bathroom supply distributor such as Brady Industries or Waxie Sanitary.

Another option would be to have your service provider do the ordering for you (either on your account or theirs). Most likely they will charge a small administrative fee to do this (especially if they buy supplies for you on their account and then then bill you for the reimbursement), but you’ll have a copy of every delivery so you won’t need to worry about getting everything you pay for. This option saves you both time and money, yet provides you with useful data on what you used and how much you paid.

Best of all, when comparing the cost of Las Vegas janitorial services, you’ll be looking at the true cost of the services without lots of extraneous variables that are impossible to quantify. And of course price is only one of the many factors you’ll examine when making your selection. You’ll also be carefully comparing things like time in business and local track record, quality control systems, references, hiring and training practices, and corporate responsibility to make your final decision. Perhaps using a spreadsheet and a weighted scoring system would help in deciding which company provides the best overall value. Remember “price is what you pay, but value is what you get.”

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