Who you are:

“Facility Professional”

You’re an experienced FM who knows what they want: 

1. You “get” that price and value are closely allied and you understand that the lowest price is not always the best value.

2. You’d love to work with a cleaning service that helps you make the case to management for quality and value

3. You’re looking for a cleaning company who shares the same insistence on high quality that your organization demands

What your issues tend to be:

✓ You are a perfectionist who doesn’t want to have to “micro-manage” every aspect of your building’s upkeep.

✓ You’re a numbers person who likes to see inspection scores reported on a regular basis. To you, a good vendor is one that you don’t have to think about, leaving you time to focus on the truly important aspects of your job.

✓ A great vendor would be one that anticipates your needs and is proactively managing them.

✓ You’ve been frustrated in the past with poor quality cleaning service and having to repeat yourself.

What you need right now:

A. A janitorial contractor who takes their professional performance as seriously as you take your professional reputation.

B. A company who can show you a written Quality Control Plan, and who has a process for systemizing its implementation.

C. You’d like to hire a company that can handle the transition quickly and seamlessly, so your colleagues have little or no disruption.

D. Someone who understands that “shortcuts” never pay off and that the way they do anything is the way they do everything!

E. You insist on a professional approach in everything from the presentation of the proposal to the maintenance of the janitorial closet, and want to see things done correctly the first time.