Who you are:

“Unhappy Co-Workers or Management”

You’re dissatisfied with your current cleaning company:

1. You’re tired of trying to contact the management of your cleaning service because they either don’t respond or they repeat the same unfulfilled promises

2. Little things are being missed in the cleaning, and you feel that the attention to detail just isn’t there

3. You have an uncomfortable feeling about the screening, training, professionalism, or dependability of the janitorial staff currently servicing your building

What your issues tend to be

✓ You’re frustrated by going repeating the same routine with your current cleaning company

✓ It’s gotten to the point where you don’t even bother to complain anymore

✓ There have been one or more “incidents” where the service was missed or other completely unacceptable service was delivered and you have “had it up to here” with your current cleaning company

✓ You have difficulty communicating with the cleaning staff and you’re not sure whether there is a language barrier or a lack of supervision

What you need right now

A. A company who has the same high standard you do

B. You’d love to hire your LAST cleaning service provider

C. To work with people who have the work ethic you were raised with which requires an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay

D. You’d like to see proactive actions taken to make sure your facility stays in tip-top shape

E. To be able to actually forget about the cleaning staff and concentrate on your core business and true skill set