4 Easy Steps to Ensure an Easy Transition to
Your New Cleaning Service Contractor

… or any other change you’d like to introduce in your organization

You’re the person in charge of managing the Las Vegas janitorial services for your company. You’ve decided to replace the current office cleaning service that’s not been doing a good job for you, but you’re concerned about how your co-workers will respond to a change. If your company is like many, you may be (rightfully) concerned about how your team will react, and you’d like to position your new office cleaning service (and yourself) for success. So, here’s a quick examination followed by a 30 second video on managing change. There are 4 simple steps you can take to help the new janitorial service get off on the right foot within your organization.

The things that doom most change to failure (whether it’s your janitorial service provider or your new vending machines) are:

  • Poor advance planning
  • Inadequate notification
  • End users not feeling involved in decision
  • Poor follow up after transition

There are four basic reactions that most people will have in response to change:

  1. The Victim: “Oh, woe is me”
  2. The Bystander: “It’s not my job”
  3. The Critic: “That’s a stupid idea”
  4. The Navigator: “Wow, a better office cleaning service. I’m on-board.”

Here’s what you can do to make sure your team embraces and assists with the change rather than fighting you all the way; let’s use your new Vegas janitorial service contractor as an example:

Involve the team in advance.

They’ve probably been complaining about the poor commercial cleaning service you’ve had in the past. Let them know you took their complaints seriously and have a solution to take care of them. You might even ask if anyone in the office knows of a good company they can recommend. Referrals are a great way to weed through the myriad of companies out there that you know nothing about.

Communicate regularly.

Keep your co-workers advised as you solicit and consider bids from various office cleaning companies. Once you’ve made a decision, let your staff know when the change will take place, creating a sense of positive anticipation. At A-1 Janitorial Services, we use a centrally located communication log to make sure it’s easy for you to leave special requests, and we can notify you of recommended building repairs, etc.

Plan carefully

by making sure your new janitorial service has the appropriate keys, access codes, supplies etc. so that the first several days of service go as smoothly as possible. They’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression so anything you can do to help them get started on the right foot will make the entire transition more acceptable for your team and ultimately easier for you. An area that frequently gets overlooked is trash cans liners. Make sure you or your commercial cleaners have enough trash can liners on hand in case the old service provider removes them when departing. Same goes for paper towels, toilet paper etc.


the positive nature of the change and the great results you’re now getting from your new janitorial service. It’s human nature that negatives are felt more strongly than positives and if the new office cleaning service is doing a great job, chances are that no one will notice. By its very nature commercial cleaning isn’t something that people think about unless there’s a problem.

Make sure to take advantage of opportunities to reinforce and remind your team about the positive new changes, especially in the beginning. Point out new services you’ve added or improvements in the way old services are now being done. If the bathroom supplies are now always stocked and trash cans are no longer being missed, dusting has improved and the building smells cleaner and fresher these are all positives. A mention in the monthly or quarterly newsletter will go a long way to positioning you as a positive agent of change and will enhance your ability to get cooperation on future changes you want to institute in your company.

Anytime you can equate change with opportunity, that’s a good thing for you and your team. In this fast paced world the only constant lately seems to be change.

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